Helping the Princes Risborough North Signal Box to Survive

The Chinnor & Princes Risborough Railway Association is a registered charity, number 1016237. It and the railway it owns are operated, managed, developed and maintained entirely by volunteers.

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There is always room for more volunteers. If you have experience with railways, or engineering, or building, or electrics or plumbing or painting or.... then we can use your practical skills. If you don't there are still plenty of jobs to do and we can probably give you the training you need. We also need people with “office” skills: are you good at marketing, promotions, fund raising, administration......?

Most of the work to restore the box will be done by volunteers: members of the Chinnor & Princes Risborough Railway Association. Only for specialist tasks, for example scaffolding and roofing, do we expect to get contractors in.

The CPRRA is a registered charity. It employs no paid staff: we are all volunteers working in our spare time. We need help, no, not just psychiatric help!


This North Box project also needs funding. Lots of funding. There's more on this behind the buttons on the left. So far our efforts on the box have been entirely funded by donations to our initial appeal. Some people have made a single donation; others have been kind enough to set up monthly standing orders. As a registered charity, with donors' authority we can claim gift aid on donations, topping up their value by reclaiming tax you have already paid. If you would be willing to help please click on the “Support our Appeal” button on the left.

If you represent a commercial organisation and would be interested in supporting the project financially, through sponsorship or through credited provision of materials for example, please get in touch.

Joining Us

Membership of the CPRRA is open to all. Once a member, you can get involved in lots of aspects of the railway’s operation and maintenance. However, for many activities on the railway, including getting to the North Box, we do ask you to attend one of our safety courses before you start.

If you want to join in as a volunteer, have a look at the volunteering page on the CPRRA website.

If you want to work specifically at the North Box , get in touch with us via email at and we’ll get you to the box as soon as possible!


We look forward to meeting you!