The history of Chinnor Signal Box - PRNB’s baby brother.

The Chinnor & Princes Risborough Railway Association is a registered charity, number 1016237. It and the railway it owns are operated, managed, developed and maintained entirely by volunteers.

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The following pages give some idea of the path taken by the box from it’s first known location to it’s present position controlling the Chinnor Railway.

There are four pages in this section:-

The cabin at Mouldsworth, CLC to BR.

Discovery and Rescue.

Another rescue and the move to Chinnor.

Building and Restoration at Chinnor.

These pages are dedicated to Ken Cruse (1925 - 2004) who saved the box from destruction and whose family generously donated the box to us.

“A steam locomotive is the closest thing to something alive that Man has created, it has a heart and a soul”

In addition, we present a short slide show to demonstrate, if you’re mad enough to try it yourself, how to get your own signalbox.