Building and Restoration at Chinnor.

The Chinnor & Princes Risborough Railway Association is a registered charity, number 1016237. It and the railway it owns are operated, managed, developed and maintained entirely by volunteers.

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After arrival the first task was to restore the structure. Numerous cladding repairs were made, the rear roof was completely re-slated (and partially re-boarded) and the front repaired. Two new barge boards were made and fitted, some new window casements were manufactured, a new ceiling fitted, and there was LOTS of painting. The wooden floor was rebuilt also.

The new cabin initially took over the functions of the then existing ground frame hut. This involved complete new rodding and wire runs, and engineering of the lever frame from the ground up. We had much of the basic mechanical kit, but it had been in storage for many years and much de-seizing and use of wire brushes were required. Most of the electrical equipment and block instruments have been restored and installed. The one notable absence is of the token release system as this requires instruments at both ends of the line. The timescale for the final phase of the project is now almost entirely dependant on the progress at PRNB!

The Chinnor and Princes Risborough Railway has proposals to extend, potentially at both ends. Resultant increasing patronage will raise operating capacity issues, leading to upgrades in the operating methods being needed. One might well predict that the functionality of the new cabin will also require to be upgraded, and the installation was engineered with that in mind.